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On a scorching day, do you prefer the beach or an air-conditioned movie theater?

My fantasy "geek" accessory would be something along the lines of Chobits or the PS2 dating game accessory from Megatokyo. A highly advanced robot cyborg thing that can recieve, send, and read your e-mails. And many other cool things. For instance, you remember the Robin Williams movie when he was a robot, and the fridge the family had was able to tell you what food items you're running low on? Yeah, this female accessory would be able to connect to the internet and be able to tell you what food you need while running errands.

This accessory would also have knowledge of martial arts for emergency situations where the "master" is in trouble or her/him self (in my case: her) is in trouble. She would also know all the medical information needed for incase of emergency situations as well as all the dangerous stunts for emergency situations.

That's about all the features that I can think of right now. Of course she would have advanced A.I. and a personality of her own, of which is established after taking a personality test so that a compatible personality will be there so the robot is not super annoying.

Finally in College... and it feels good.

So I am finally enrolled for my first quarter EVAH at SVC this fall. I am in three classes, all of which are under the category of Multi-media Interactive Technologies (MIT). So, as you can imagine, all my classes are online.

But I will be making appearances at the college with my computer and drawing tablet... as well as my books, incase anyone is there worth meeting and hanging out with.

Hahaha heat wave in Washington…

Is anyone else laughing at this? I sure as hell am. This record breaking Heat Wave did not catch me by surprise. Why, you ask? Well it is simple to answer, do you remember last winter? Huh? Don’t you remember the snow storm that was not to long ago, it lasted from like November 2008 till January 2009-ish. Remember? It stretched all the way across the northern part of the United States of America.

Now I am not pushing Global Warming. I will fight to the death that Global Warming does not exist (unless it is caused by humans with C^2, if I recall correctly, burning away the O-zone layer). But people, Global Climate Change does exist. So what exactly does this mean?

Well, Global Climate Change is theorized to of happened several times in Earth’s history but with no real records of it actually happening. Just like there are no ancient documents proving that the dinosaurs existed long ago (XDD “dear diary, I walked dino, my dinosaur, around the block…”) but there are fossils to prove that they did in-fact roam the earth. Does this mean we should all freak out and spread the word that the world is coming to an end? No, though a back up plan in case of emergency (boy scouts and all that crap “always be prepared”) is something I would recommend. But it is physically improbable for the entire globe to change weather over night, so we all won’t die.

The way I figure it, you should keep an eye on strange weather changes and find the probability of where you should move to so you can continue being comfortable in your own climate (if, in theory, the world fully and finally changes climate within your life time).

As for all you global warming people out there, I have a message for you. When talking to politicians about things that concern you, it is not WHAT is SAID but HOW you SAY it. Global warming means, literally, the world is warming and NOT cooling. So stop asking “What are you going to do about Global Warming?” and start asking “What are your plans to keep civilians save during the time of Global Climate Change?” Do you see the difference here? Statement one is an attack on said politician with a crack pot theory where as the other shows concern for your self and those AROUND you as well as a hand shake gesture for wanting to work as a team.

Ha ha… Massacre…

Quite proud of my self today. I was playing The Conduit online, killed 9 other players, and then died. 3 is Killing Spree, 5 is Massacre and I got up to 9 body counts… and then died. It was really hard too. Judging by the sound of the bullets, a couple of my opponents had Sniper Rifles of some sort. Unfortunately because I was not able to keep it, my 350% XP bonus went away… that would have put me higher in the silver ranking. But whatever. I’ll still get to gold soon enough, as long as I keep getting a kill count of 1, I get XP.


I really love this game, I’d recommend it to any one and everyone. HVS (High Voltage Software) definitely raised the bar on the Wii’s capabilities. The graphics are nothing short of amazing, the controls (at least for walking) are second nature of you know how to walk in real life. The single player mode is pretty short though, which is ok because it plays like a movie, a really awesome movie… why isn’t the Conduit a movie yet? XDD


Most of the glitches are in multiplayer mode but they are being fixed. One glitch is, when you join an already started game, the screen is black or you are in a respawn area that actually isn’t a respawn area. Though I am not sure exactly what the cause of this glitch is, if you wait till the game is over, it will set you right. Another glitch is falling through the floor. XDD So you fall into a void of blah but it does not take you long to die so it sets itself right. People in real time seem to teleport around a bit but I am sure that is just an issue with router speed.

Sickly feeling…

So yesterday (since it is 1am) and the day before can only be described as awesome. Yesterday I was able to actually take my car out for a ride and just go around town without worrying about being caught by my dad for “wasting gas” or whatever which would have ended up in some sort of punishment either my car gets taken away or being arrested… if I did not own the car like I do now. I even finished up personalizing my computer for the most part. There are a couple of stray elements I need to figure out how to remove.

But don’t get me wrong. If it seems like I am “bragging” or that I am excited about this, I’m not. I don’t know what to think of this. It is really all to confusing for me. I never have awesome days like this none-the-less two days in a row. Which is why I am feeling partly sickly. I have no idea what I want to do… I was essentially ripped from my animal crossing life to bare witness to awesomeness.

I am confused, and dumbfounded… I really have no idea what to make of this. All what I know is three days ago I got a new hair cut with some color added and since then… awesome things happened. Oh… and a weird thing happened yesterday too in the form of a fortune cookie.

When i was 18, shortly after my mother died, I got a fortune cookie that stated “you will inherit an unknown sum of money from an unexpected source.” that’s when I started to get money from the government because of my mother’s death. Today, about 2 years and something months later, I got the same damn fortune. I wonder what it means this time. Though I try not to think about it to much. It takes away from the cookie's meaning. Through the power of deduction I would be able to lessen the chances of it being unexpected to the point that it then would be an expected source.

Anyway… yeah… goodnight.

Yesterday was… awkward…

So, as you may already know, I got my car for keeps yesterday. But other good things happened too. So Claire took my laptop home with us (the one that BSODed on me after a paranormal event, the hard drive was wiped all the way down to the operating system) and did the finalizing things that needed to be done to fix the computer for good. So now I get to transfer all of my information from her laptop which really is not that much since most of it and all of my music is on my portable hard drive. But all got all my preferences down and finalizing some file transfers. The internal hard drive was replaced, so my computer now has 250GB HDD where as before it was only 200GB HDD.

On the front of my laptop is a “sticker” that has lighting all over it. I am thinking about painting over it with something a little more traditional art wise…

But no, all in all yesterday was awesome… which made me feel awkward. Usually it’s a bad day or a mediocre day… so a full 12-14 hours of awesome was a new experience for me…

Yay… car…

So I just OFFICIALLY got my car today. Title transferred and everything. I can do whatever the hell I want to it. Bumper stickers, smoke cigs in it, paint it… not drink alcohol in it…. XDD

My dad will NOT be around on my birthday. He ordered Steely Dan tickets… then realized he ordered 4… then realized it’s in Illinois. XDD So now he is flying down there to see him…

First of all, I was mistaken about last year. It was actually the year before that, that my father pulled the whole laptop bullshit on me. Last year I avoided father’s day because of it which then he decided to get me nothing as a revenge complex, then tried to lay a guilt trip on me with a singing card and a stuffed pig as a birthday gift… *headdesk*

Second thing, I am so used to him playing negative games that I thought what he said was “either give you money for the car or pay for your insurance for a month or two.” when what was actually said was “I can either put the car in your name and pay for the insurance for a year or give you the money that would have been spent on the car insurance for a year.”

I called him today to verified what the decisions were… which were apparently wrong. But still, knowing my dad, there is going to be a catch… but I am sticking with the freaking car. It’ll help me get a job… I hope.

Father Son Tradition…

I don’t know why, but my dad seems to have created a father and son tradition of putting negative situations in my birthday. He did it last year and he is doing it now.

Last year I had asked for a gaming chair (banana chair with speakers basically) and an accessory for my DS. On the other hand I also really wanted a laptop. But I am happy with gifts, gifts make me happy. So he got my my gaming chair and the accessory for my DS lite. I was happy and said thank you. That’s when he said “You know, with the money I spent on that I could have bought you a laptop.” … asshole.

So this year, he is giving me the choice between paying for my car insurance for another month or so or to give me the money for the car. Since I am living with Claire and my dad loves to put me between a rock and a hard place, I don’t ever get to drive my car unless I house sit for him while he goes camping. So I was thinking of all the options that I could take, one included setting him up to sell my car to a friend I know, get the money, and then give the money back to my friend for the car so that all I would have to do is get a job to pay for gas and insurance. But getting a job is hard for me to get, especially a job that is not a seasonal shift. So my car would remain useless to me.

Then it hit me. My dad loves procrastinating putting money into my college education, the man works at BOEING mind you (so financial aid is out of the question), and wants to wait till literally everyone and their dog who matters tosses in their money before he, my father, is willing to pay anything. It’s community college… it’s not a private university. So I will let my father sell the car and give me the money, and with that money I will put it towards a college education behind his back. This will force him to give me the best gift he can… against his fucking will.